13 January 2022

Now the 1:16 scale King Tiger is back with an intuitive remote control and large color display.

13 January 2022

Step by step create a unique high quality metal model, a copy of a small class off-road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive VAZ-2121 "Niva".



DeAgostini - MavzolHobby
DeAgostini  (71)

30 countries and 13 languages – this is the modern geography of DeAgostini. It is curious that the word « geography» has fundamental value for the company. Giovanny De Agostini who founded the company more than hundred years ago was a geographer by his profession. Certainly, the founder devoted the first projects of publishing house of DeAgostini to a subject of the professional interest. This enthusiasm was tremblingly transferred to each employee, so it allowed the company to achieve so impressive results.

Hachette - MavzolHobby
Hachette  (36)

Hachette is one of the world leaders in the publishing market. For almost 200 years, the Hachette group has been publishing its publications in various countries. It is also one of the leaders and main innovators in the segment of partworks.

Eaglemoss - MavzolHobby
Eaglemoss  (11)

Eaglemoss Collections - one of the biggest companies, which is engaged in partwork around the world, from the UK to Austria, from Russia to Japan.

Centauria - MavzolHobby
Centauria  (6)

Centauria is the heir to the Fabbri brothers. Fratelli Fabbri Editori was founded in 1947 and immediately became a successful publisher.
Centauria is a company with a rich catalog and many years of experience offering culture and fun. It satisfies everyone’s passions, always creating original and high-quality collections in collaboration with the most beloved characters and brands.

About Us

Modelism - a hobby that willingly engaged not only boys, but adult males.

When a child collects models, he develops fine motor skills and persistence - these skills will be useful for him in the future. Adults who are engaged in modeling, get rid of stress, and it is important in the modern world.

The assembled model will decorate any interior and become your pride, because you created it yourself!

Immerse yourself in the world of modelism. Choose what you will collect.