01 October 2021

Build a model of the largest military sailing ship of the 18th century, carefully recreated from archival data and drawings.

22 September 2021

Build a 1/12 scale model of the iconic Eddie Stobart truck Twiggy and delve into the history of the UK's most iconic haulage company in your accompanying magazine. 



16 December 2016

Build the legend of the 1991 World Championship in Livery Martini Racing, piloted by the legendary Miki Biasion in scale 1: 8. Step by step you will build the full version of Lancia Delta NF Integrale. Body, mechanics, interior rallies ... unprecedented realism in all technical, mechanical and aesthetic details!

16 August 2016

Build a superbly detailed 1:8 scale replica of the Fiat 126p, a small car that has made the history

07 January 2016

Collect a legendary supercar Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500

05 January 2016

The model of this cult car is executed in scale 1:8. It has opening doors, turning front wheels, shining headlights and working stoplights. The model will surprise you with a set of actuated parts, original symbolics and high workmanship.

01 January 2014

Touch the history, build a cult 1:8 scale model, the legend of the Soviet automobile industry GAZ-M20 Pobeda.