01 October 2021

Build a model of the largest military sailing ship of the 18th century, carefully recreated from archival data and drawings.

22 September 2021

Build a 1/12 scale model of the iconic Eddie Stobart truck Twiggy and delve into the history of the UK's most iconic haulage company in your accompanying magazine. 


Ferrari 250 GTO scale 1/8 Centauria

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02 January 2020

Scale      1: 8        

Length - 55 cm.          

The collection consists of 100 issues   

Exclusive collectible model, created in honor of the icon of the house of Maranello. Metal body, realistic spoked wheels, steering wheels, perfect aesthetic and mechanical details, realistic cockpit, soft rubber tires, sound and lighting effects are just some of the details that will make your Ferrari 250 GTO unique.


Brian 05.12.2020, 02:35

Will you be releasing the Ferrari 250 GTO?
Rajen Govender 26.05.2021, 09:57
Will you be selling the Ferrari 250 GTO in the future?
Phil Labelle 04.08.2021, 01:49
Also very interested in getting this model to Canada!
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