01 July 2019

Collect the unique highly detailed model of the Dodge Charger R / T - a copy of a powerful machine that Dominic Toretto himself was afraid to drive.

01 June 2019

Collect the famous DeLorean, a time machine from the movie "Back to the Future" a scale of 1:8


car GAZ M21 Volga scale 1/8 DeAgostini

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23 February 2018

Scale      1: 8        

Length - 59.7 cm.          

Width -  23.6 cm.          

Height - 20.2 cm.

The collection consists of 110 issues   


   The original symbolism The hood of your model 21 "Volga" will be adorned with the legendary figure of a deer frozen in jumping - the ancient symbol of Nizhny Novgorod, depicted on the coat of arms of the city.
   The illuminating headlights The model has running headlights, front and rear lights - they are activated by a small switch hidden in the passenger compartment of the model.
   The lowerable windows The model reproduces the mechanism of the lowerable windows - they are lowered by turning the handles on the doors.
   The exact copy of the engine The engine of the model repeats to the smallest detail the power unit of the real GAZ-21 "Volga" car.
   The swiveling vent window The swiveling vent window in the front doors can be opened and deflected to any angle.
   The high detailing The details of the model M21 "Volga" will pleasantly surprise the most demanding modeler - for example, in the saloon all the scales of instruments with corresponding inscriptions are reproduced.
   The radio On the instrument panel you can see a miniature simulation of the radio with figured chrome overlays, buttons and handles made of plastic for "ivory".
   The sun-screening shields On the model they not only exactly repeat the shape of the original, but also are functional - they can be rotated and left in any position, like real ones.
   The spare wheel. In the trunk of the model, a spare wheel is attached in its place. If you want, you can replace any wheel on the model with it.
   The rear lights. Switcing on together with the front headlights, the rear lights are shining, as expected, with a bright red color.


Armando Posada 06.04.2019, 01:23
Thank you for showing this beautiful scale model, it will be fun to assemble and preserve it, again tahnk you.
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