01 July 2019

Collect the unique highly detailed model of the Dodge Charger R / T - a copy of a powerful machine that Dominic Toretto himself was afraid to drive.

01 June 2019

Collect the famous DeLorean, a time machine from the movie "Back to the Future" a scale of 1:8


DeLorean DMC 12 "Back to the Future" scale 1/8 Eaglemoss

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01 June 2019

Scale      1: 8        

Length - 52.7 cm.          

Width -  23.2 cm.          

Height (with open doors) - 24.5 cm.

The collection consists of 130 issues   

Metal case - The model case is almost entirely made of metal. 

Opening doors - Doors and trunk open, allowing you to see the details of the interior; moreover, when you open the doors, the lights come on. 

Windows - Side window glass can be raised or lowered using the wheel on the door. 

The original engine "DeLoreana" - Under the rear hood below the Dok Brown nuclear reactor is an exact copy of this 6-cylinder engine DeLorean PRV V6. 

Reactor and Time Machine Components - All the do-it-yourself components of Doc Brown's time machine are carefully recreated, right down to the electrical tape on the hoses. 

Condenser flow - Salon is equipped with a luminous flow condenser, folding chairs and numerous lights. 

Illuminated headlights - The button on the center console includes headlights. 

Illuminating brake lights - If you press the brake pedal, the rear brake lights come on. 

Backlight in time travel - When the time machine is ready for work, a bright blue light comes on on the outside of the model. 

Dashboard and speedometer - All instruments on the panel are lit, including a special speedometer that shows when the car reaches 88 miles per hour. 

Highlight of the timeline - The timeline lights up and is already pre-programmed on November 5, 1955. 

Control Switches - Most lights, as in the film, are turned on with a few switches on the center console.


John Pitas 05.10.2019, 21:54
I'm looking for the whitewall tire set, how do I go about ordering that particular part.
John P.
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