01 January 2019

Static model of the fighter MIG-29 with high details on a scale of 1:24


Fighter MIG-29 scale 1/24 DeAgostini

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01 January 2019

Scale      1 : 24

Length - 70.8 cm.

Wingspan -  45,8 cm.

The collection consists of 120 issues

   The MiG-29 (“product 9-12”) on a scale of 1:24 is a detailed copy of the fighter, in which the details of a real machine are reproduced with great accuracy. The model opens the pilot's cockpit, retracts the landing gear, deflects the controls, and also has navigation lights and a landing light. Now you can independently assemble a model of a fourth-generation multipurpose fighter known all over the world.


Joel Gonz 01.02.2019, 06:45
Hello. Where i can buy this model?
MavzolHobby 09.02.2019, 15:19
In the near future, the first releases of the model will be available in our store
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