01 October 2021

Build a model of the largest military sailing ship of the 18th century, carefully recreated from archival data and drawings.

22 September 2021

Build a 1/12 scale model of the iconic Eddie Stobart truck Twiggy and delve into the history of the UK's most iconic haulage company in your accompanying magazine. 


Santisima Trinidad scale 1/84 DeAgostini

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01 October 2021

Scale      1: 84      

Length - 120.5 cm.          

Width -  47.4 cm.          

Height - 89.3 cm.

Weight -  kg.

The collection consists of 140 issues   

Santisima Trinidad - symbol of the revival of the Spanish fleet.

The ship has not survived to this day, but you have a unique opportunity to recreate a copy of this legendary sailing ship at home.

The world's first, largest four-deck warship of the line.

The sailboat could take on board up to 1000 people.

According to some sources, the armament of the battleship numbered from 112 to 140 guns.

The last battle was the legendary Battle of Trafalgar.

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