28 December 2021

Build the legendary Super Landini, the pioneer of modern tractors. Introduced for the first time in 1934, in just a few years it has become a symbol of Italian agricultural innovation.



Why on Ebay your product is more expensive ???

Ebay charges from sellers 10% + (18% VAT) from the sellers from Russia
The goods cost 75 $ + 25 $ international delivery = 100 $
Commission eBay 10% + Commission PayPal 5.5% = 15.5 $ (not including VAT)
VAT = $ 15.5 * 18% = $ 2.8
Total will hold 15.5 $ + 2.8 $ = 18.3 $
Final cost: 75 $ + 25 $ + 15.5 $ + 2.8 $ = 118.3 $
In our store we do not charge any additional fees !!!

What if my order is incorrect when it arrives?

   We will make it right. Contact us right away by either email to We make every effort to assure that all orders are shipped correctly, but we are not machines and are human, so an error can occur. If something is not right, you have our word that we will correct it and make sure you are satisfied.

What if my order arrives damaged by the carrier?

   While we make sure each order is securely packaged, mishaps can happen; therefore, we insure everything for safety. So have no worries; we make sure you are protected. If anything ever arrives in a condition you deem unacceptable, simply contact us right away at (In the meantime, be sure to hold on to the packaging and damaged model as the carrier may require it as part of their investigation.)

Exchanges (if applicable)

   We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at

Do you ship internationally?

   Yes, We will ship all over the world.

How much does shipping cost?

   We know that a great price on a model is no bargain when you are charged too much for shipping; therefore, we calculate your shipping charged based on the specific weight of your order to your zip code.

Why is the shipping charge so expensive in some cases?

   Has added a new charge to their rates, in addition to their fuel surcharges, for what they deem to be zip codes that are in “remote areas.” The fee is $8.18, which adds a significant amount to the shipping cost. Believe us; we are always on our rep about costs, and we are always looking for ways to save our customers money.