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Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III


Ferrari 312 T4 scale 1/8

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Scale 1: 8

Length - 56 cm.

Width - 26.5 cm.


   Build a legendary car, the world champion of 1979, which sanctifies the top of the Motorsport World Gilles Villeneuve, one of the most favourite and popular racers Ferrari. An original and perfect reproduction of Ferrari 312 T4 on a large scale allows you to see every small mechanical and aerodynamic details.

- Body, with its specific shapes and unmistakable Ferrari livery.
- Monocoque chassis and absolute perfection of all mechanical components.
- 12-cylinder engine legendary type 015 to 515 horsepower.
- Fully functional pulp, independent mounting.
- Wheels with metal rims and soft tires slick as original!

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Full set consists of 100 magazines with details and instructions.

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