28 December 2021

Build the legendary Super Landini, the pioneer of modern tractors. Introduced for the first time in 1934, in just a few years it has become a symbol of Italian agricultural innovation.


LaFerrari scale 1/8

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         LaFerrari car is a truly unique, as this exclusive 1:8 scale model-copy. Highly detailed, equipped with amazing light and sound effects, this model LaFerrari is made of more than 700 elements made of high quality materials. Magnificent proportions of the hypercar, as well as the smallest elements of the body and interior finishing work, are reproduced in the model with realistic accuracy. Appreciate perfection of every detail, beauty and ideal forms of LaFerrari. You can easily build this model, just follow the instructions.

   The collection includes a remote control for the following functions of the model:

Opening doors like "butterfly wings".

Switching on and off headlights, brake light and direction indicators.

                                                                           Switching on and off engine sound and horn signal.             

 Scale 1: 8          Length - 59 cm.          Width - 26.4 cm.          Height - 14.3 cm.


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Full set consists of 100 magazines with details and instructions.

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