13 January 2022

Now the 1:16 scale King Tiger is back with an intuitive remote control and large color display.

13 January 2022

Step by step create a unique high quality metal model, a copy of a small class off-road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive VAZ-2121 "Niva".



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Iron Man scale 1/3 - MavzolHobby

Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III

Millennium Falcon scale 1/1  - MavzolHobby

Collect your Millennium Falcon- a replica of the studio model in 1:1 scale of the main starship from the cult space saga.

Locomotive D51 scale 1/24 - MavzolHobby

No real fan of steam locomotives and railways will refuse to get a model of one of the iconic Japanese locomotives of the 20th century in their collection. The model represents an exact copy of the original at a scale of 1:24

UAZ-469 scale 1/8   - MavzolHobby

Build the Legendary UAZ-469 SUV, a 1/8 scale bench model with a metal body and a removable tarpaulin.

Dodge Charger RT scale 1/8 - MavzolHobby

Collect the unique highly detailed model of the Dodge Charger R / T - a copy of a powerful machine that Dominic Toretto himself was afraid to drive.

Ford Mustang scale 1/8  - MavzolHobby

Collect a legendary supercar Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 ™

GAZ M21 Volga scale 1/8 - MavzolHobby

Touch the pride of the Soviet car industry - collect a model of the legendary GAZ car "M21 Volga" in scale 1: 8. This speedy car come from the 50s of the last century has long become a cult in its native land. "Volga" is acquired and restored by collectors and enthusiasts who are in love with this car. Today, not a single self-respecting car museum in Russia cannot do without a car with a flying deer on the hood.

GAZ M20 Pobeda scale 1/8  - MavzolHobby

Touch the history, build a cult 1:8 scale model, the legend of the Soviet automobile industry GAZ-M20 Pobeda, It was a symbol of the era and became a legend. Magnificent model GAZ M-20 Pobeda with moving parts, executed in the smallest detail.

ZIS-110  scale 1/8  - MavzolHobby

The model of this cult car is executed in scale 1:8. It has opening doors, turning front wheels, shining headlights and working stoplights. The model will surprise you with a set of actuated parts, original symbolics and high workmanship.

Tank T-72 scale 1/16  - MavzolHobby

The radio-controlled model of T-72 is a high-quality model of a replica of the real war machine, in which all the details and features of the stored tank are reproduced with great precision. The model is made of metal and plastic, and is equipped with infrared sensors to fight a virtual battle. All the details and the colors of camouflage are identical to the original. You can control the model both from remote control and from your smartphone or tablet!

MIG-29 scale 1/24 - MavzolHobby

Start to build a model of the legendary front-line fighter of the MiG-29 fighter in scale 1:24

Legend of Aviation scale 1/32 - MavzolHobby

Legend of aviation Ilya Muromets – start to build the model of this huge flying athlete right now. Step by step build wooden and metal 1:32 scale model replica. All materials are approximated to original, and elements are worked out with museum granularity.

Santisima Trinidad scale 1/84 - MavzolHobby

Build a model of the largest military sailing ship of the 18th century, carefully recreated from archival data and drawings.

SOVEREIGN of the SEAS scale 1/84 - MavzolHobby

The exclusive model of the English military three-deck vessel of the 17th century will not leave indifferent even the most exacting and skilled modeller. Sovereign of the Seas model is the exact and high-detailed 1:84 scale copy of the original. This graceful model is made of materials of the highest quality. It has wooden details and monolithic metal elements, a full rigging, sewed fabric sails and flags, precisely recreated anchors and davit.

Victory scale 1/84 - MavzolHobby

Build your model of the ship of His Majesty "Victory" in 1/84 scale.It is the flagship of Admiral Nelson, the legendary participant in the historic sea battle - the Battle of Trafalgar.

12 Apostles scale 1/100 - MavzolHobby

With the collection of the Twelve Apostles, you will be able to build a magnificent model of a battleship, which was the pride of the Russian Navy! Even if you have not had experience in building ship models yet, thanks to detailed illustrated instructions in the magazine it will not be difficult to build a model of the Twelve Apostles.

SHTANDARD scale 1/130 - MavzolHobby

The Collection of The Imperial Yacht "Standart" is an elegant, large model of the yacht of the imperial family of the Romanovs.

Battleship "Sevastopol" scale 1/200 - MavzolHobby

The model of the battleship Sevastopol, created with the aid of archival drawings, is an accurate and detailed copy of the ship on a scale of 1: 200. It has wooden, metal and photo-etched parts, which gives it the most realistic look of Sevastopol in 1945. The model is distinguished by mobile elements, rotary mechanisms of guns, the highest specification of ship artillery, stacked superstructures, direction finders, shipborne boats, deck equipment and other elements. The legendary battleship model will perfectly complement your collection of ships and become its decoration.

Battleship Yamato scale 1/250 - MavzolHobby

Build one the most famous ships in the world - the battleship Yamato. This cult flagship of the Japanese Navy played a great role in Japanese naval operations during World War II. The model is represented in scale 1: 250 and has a length of more than 1 meter.