15 January 2021

Collect the realistic replica of the most popular Hungarian bus Ikarus 260 scale 1/12

01 November 2020

Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III


Battleship "Sevastopol" scale 1/200

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 Scale      1: 200

 Length - 924 mm.

 Width -  163 mm.

 Height - 240 mm.

   The battleship Sevastopol became the first dreadnought built in our country.It is a heroic participant in three wars, two revolutions and the defense of Sevastopol. It became the pride of the domestic fleet of the 20th century and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. It was created considering the experience of the Russo-Japanese War, the battleship was primarily intended for combat with its own kind. In the late 1930s,it was seriously modernized, significantly changing its appearance. The battleship "floating fortress", battled with armor and bristling with numerous guns, was the most powerful ship of the Black Sea Fleet, active in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.


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Full set consists of 120 magazines with details and instructions.

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