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Battleship Yamato scale 1/250

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    Scale 1:250          Length - 105 cm.          Width - 29 cm.          Height - 15.5 cm.

   Yamato is the first in a series of battleships of its type. It was produced at the shipyards of the Japanese Navy in Kure and launched in 1939. However, it was not completed until May 1942. Since the time the ship was accepted into the fleet and until 1944, the battleship took part in battles with the American fleet at the Midway and Truk atolls, as well as in the battle for the Philippine Sea, but did not have much success. It forced the command to treat this battleship series skeptical. In the battles for the Philippine Sea, the ship was damaged and sent for repairs and upgrades. In April 1945, the battleship participated in its last battle near Kosu Island, which became its last. It was destroyed by American deck bombers.

   Close cooperation with the Yamato Museum in Kure allowed DeAgostini to create an incredibly detailed battleship model at scale of 1: 250. The 1:10 model of Yamato in the museum , drawings and photographs from the disclosed Japanese archives and intelligence data of other countries were used as a prototype. All this allowed us to carry out a thorough investigation and restore the detailed model of the ship.

Package Included:
500 wooden parts made using laser cutting;
1200 pieces cast from metal.

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Full set consists of 90 magazines with details and instructions.

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Producer: Japan
This is a complete kit for building the model Battleship Yamato scale 1/250. The set consists of 90 magazines with details and instructions.
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