15 January 2021

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01 November 2020

Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III


Ford Mustang scale 1/8

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     A legend among speed and racing enthusiasts: breathtaking design, unstoppable 350 horsepower under the bonnet and the roar of an era that has become a symbol of an era.

Accurate reproduction. The 1967 Shelby engine has been recreated down to the smallest detail.

Aunt style. The faithfully reproduced interior is fully consistent with the original.

Metal body. Details for the model are cast with the highest precision from metal and high-quality plastic, as well as pre-painted and neatly templed.

Moving parts. The model has movable steering wheels, opening doors and hood.

Working headlights and brake lights. The model is equipped with the function of turning on headlights and brake lights for even greater similarity with the original.

Original sounds. The model is complemented by the sound effects of the engine and horn of the original Ford Mustang.

Scale 1: 8          Length - 59 cm.          Width - 23 cm.          Height - 17 cm.


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Full set consists of 110 magazines with details and instructions.