13 January 2022

Now the 1:16 scale King Tiger is back with an intuitive remote control and large color display.

13 January 2022

Step by step create a unique high quality metal model, a copy of a small class off-road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive VAZ-2121 "Niva".


Legend of Aviation scale 1/32

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   Ilya Muromets - the first Russian bomber and the world's first multiengined passenger aircraft developed under the guidance of the brilliant engineer Sikorski. At that time, it was the only in the world aircraft with a fully enclosed cabin crew, passenger cabins and four engines, as well as the world's first bomber that was able to lift up to 500 kg of bombs and make long-distance raids into enemy territory.

   Moving parts: chassis, screws, cabins, together with figures of the pilot and crew create feeling of unprecedented realness. This model will take the worthy place in your house. Also the collection includes special paints that can be used to recreate historic appearance. The model of the plane has two versions: with a full or partial covering.

Scale 1:32          Length - 57 cm.          Width - 93.1 cm.          Height - 14 cm.

Identical to natural materials.  Museum granularity.  Quality Artesania Latina.

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Full set consists of 25 magazines with details and instructions.

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