01 January 2019

Static model of the fighter MIG-29 with high details on a scale of 1:24


MIG-29 scale 1/24

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Scale      1 : 24          Length - 70.8 cm.          Wingspan -  45,8 cm.

   The MiG-29 (“product 9-12”) on a scale of 1:24 is a detailed copy of the fighter, in which the details of a real machine are reproduced with great accuracy. The model opens the pilot's cockpit, retracts the landing gear, deflects the controls, and also has navigation lights and a landing light. Now you can independently assemble a model of a fourth-generation multipurpose fighter known all over the world.

Model Functions

The opening lamp and magnificent equipment of a cabin
Retractable tricycle landing gear
Deviating slats, landing plates, ailerons and air brake covers
Operating aeronautical lights and landing lights
Operating differential controlled full turn stabilizer
Working steering wheel
Removable combat load
Two-color camouflage

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