15 January 2021

Collect the realistic replica of the most popular Hungarian bus Ikarus 260 scale 1/12

01 November 2020

Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III


ship SOVEREIGN of the SEAS scale 1/84

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   Scale 1:84          

   Length - 110 cm.          

   Width - 40 cm.          

   Height - 90 cm.



      The masts ,the yards and flagstaffs with a complete rigging.

   Exact reproduction of details of the ornament, weapons and onboard equipment.

   Quality of Artesania Latina.

   The cannons, the anchors, the bow figure and the ship finishing are made of metal and look very realistic.

   The wooden details are made by a method of laser cutting and are completely ready to build.

   Sovereign of the Seas – the largest t and most extravagant ship of the Royal Navy of the 17th century. It was floated in 1637 and it was nicknamed by the Dutch enemies as "a golden devil", it was the first vessel in the world equipped with not only magnificent decoration and ornaments, but also more than one hundred guns to catch up with the fear and trembling to all sea powers of Europe. The outstanding qualities of this English warship became a role model at production of the fighting sailboats dominating in the seas throughout the next centuries. Follow the step-by-step instructions, build this magnificent wooden model in accuracy reproducing the original.

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Full set consists of 135 magazines with details and instructions.