01 November 2020

Collect the legendary Tony Stark costume. Incredibly detailed, fully movable with lighting effects, Iron Man armor MARK III

18 August 2020

Collect the Legendary UAZ-469 SUV, a 1/8 scale bench model with a metal body and a removable tarpaulin.


car ASTON MARTIN DB5 scale 1/8

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   You can assemble an incredible detail model with moving elements and lighting. Fans of Agent 007 recognize in the model all the espionage devices that were shown in the film: rotating license plates, hidden machine guns, tracking devices and communications with headquarters.

Illuminated headlights - Headlights and taillights illuminate from a dedicated button. Brake lights come on when the brake pedal is depressed.

Opening elements - Doors, bonnet and trunk open.

Engine replica - The engine of the assembled model is exactly the same as the six-cylinder engine of the original car.

Hidden Machine Guns - Machine Guns extend in front of the model to remove any obstacle in the way of the British Special Agent.

Bulletproof Screen - The screen pops out and hides back when pressed.

Rotating license plates - The rotating front and rear license plates show three numbers: British, French and Swiss.

Tracking device - The tracking panel is illuminated and shows the position of the vehicle.

Shift Lever - Hidden on the shift lever is a hidden ejection button.

Radiotelephone - A radiotelephone for quick communication with headquarters is located in a secret pocket on the door.

Scale 1: 8          Length - 57.1 cm.          Width - 19.7 cm.          Weight - 8.5 kg.


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Full set consists of 86 magazines with details and instructions.

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