28 December 2021

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Shock Helicopter MI-24V scale 1/24

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Combat helicopter MI-24V, put into operation in the USSR in 1972, was created to provide fire support to land forces. The model is reproduced by a helicopter that participated in the Afghan war in 1982 as a part of the 335th Aviation Regiment, which was accommodated in Jalalabad.

The crew cabin. The opening cabin door and the transparent roof that opens up can give you an opportunity to view all the details, the control panel and the armored chair.

The details of cargo cabin. The portholes of the cargo cabin open. This allows soldiers, sitting in the helicopter, to shoot at ground targets. A cargo cabin, used to carry soldiers or cargo, is lit by a single white light bulb.

The rotating screws. The five-blade main rotor and the three-blade steering screw, located on the tail of the helicopter, rotate freely. Movable stabilizer.The mobile tail stabilizer regulates the Mi-24 pitch in flight. The model stabilizer can be shifted up and down.

The running lights. The red light at the end of the left wing and the green at the end of the right allow other aircraft to estimate the direction of the Mi-24 flight at night and in bad weather.

The white lights.The white light under the helicopter floodlights the ground to help the Mi-24 land in the dark. The white warning lights on both sides of the nose are needed for the airdrome staff to guide the helicopter over the unlit territory.

The chassis. The nose and main landing gear legs are retracted into the flight position and hiding behind the doors.

Scale 1 : 24      Length - 75 cm.      Width - 30 cm.      Height - 20 cm. 

Diameter the main screw is  - 74 cm.




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