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23 February 2018

Touch the pride of the Soviet car industry - collect a model of the legendary GAZ car "M21 Volga" in scale 1:8

16 January 2018

Collect an exact copy of the legendary combat helicopter gunship at  "Shock Helicopter MI-24V" a scale of 1:24


BattleShip BISMARCK scale 1/200

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Scale 1:200             Length - 125 cm.          Width - 18 cm.          Height -  cm.

  "Bismarck" is the battleship of the German navy, one of the most famous ships of the Second World War. Named after the first chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck. During his only campaign in May 1941, he sank the British flagship, the HMS "Hood" cruiser in the Denmark Strait. The British fleet's hunting after the Bismarck finished by its sinking three days later.

Full set consists of 140 magazines with details and instructions.

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Producer: Russia
This is a complete kit for building the BattleShip BISMARCK scale 1/200. The set consists of 140 magazines with details and instructions.
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