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01 June 2019

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ship SEDOV scale 1/110

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   Scale 1:110          

   Length - 115 cm.          

   Width - 29,5 cm.          

   Height - 61 cm.


   "Sedov" - a magnificent four-masted bark belonging to the Russian fleet. This is the world's largest training sailing ship. The sailboat was launched in 1921 in the German shipyard "Arsenal of Germany " in the city of Kil and was then called "Magdalena Winnen". Initially the bark was used as a transport vessel. In the years 1973-1981. Already as part of the Soviet fleet "Sedov" survived the repair and modernization.

   Now the bark belongs to the Murmansk State Technical University and is used primarily for training cadets in conditions of real sea voyages. In 2012-2013 years "Sedov" was a participant in the round-the-world trip. It still remains in the ranks.

   "Sedov" is the largest sailing vessel of traditional construction in the world,its length is 117.5 m.

   The total number of sails of "Sedov" is 32, their area is 4192 sq.m

   The speed of the ship under sail can reach 18 knots.

Full set consists of 140 magazines with details and instructions.

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Producer: Russia
his is a complete kit for building the ship SEDOV scale 1/110. The set consists of 140 magazines with details and instructions.
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